Monday, 14 March 2016


MANTANANI ISLAND, that this thin island has never been commercialized, secures its hidden secrets from great number of divers and thus giving you a private but full enjoyment to the tropical island. One of the main reasons that Mantanani Islands is popular for local and tourists alike is because of its picturesque scenery, cool breezes and serene environment.

For those who love to watch these unique primate not found elsewhere in the world is a “Must See”. It would definitely gives you one of the most exhilarating and memorable experience observing the Proboscis monkeys both young and adult leaping from tree to tree and eventually down to feed on young leaves and plants. The leaping act is superb, fast, steady, stylish and perfect. Proboscis monkeys survive mainly on a diet of leaves, seeds, and unripe fruits but will occasionally consume insects as well. As well experiencing a night cruise with glows of fireflies lighting up the trees.

 07:00            Pickup at hotel and proceed to Rampayan Jetty.
09:15            Arrive Rampayan Jetty.
09:30            Depart for Mantanani Island.
10:30            Arrive to Mantanani Island, then start snorkeling.
12:00            Back to Mantanani Island for lunch.
13:30            Swim or snorkel at house reef.
15:00            Departing to jetty.
16:00            Upon arrival jetty, coffee and tea will be served with homemade cakes.
16:30            Boat cruise start in search of proboscis monkey or wildlife animals.
18:00            Enjoy sumptuous buffet dinner served in glimmering lanterns hug around lodging.
19:00            Boat cruise to watch fireflies slowly lighting up and decorating the mangrove trees. Listen to the crickets singing.
20:00            Back to jetty and Depart for Kota Kinabalu.
22:30           Arrive Kota Kinabalu and transfer back to hotel.

Tour Include :
Tour Exclude:
Things To Bring :
-Return and Boat Transfer
-BBQ Lunch & Dinner
-Snorkeling or diving equipments
-1 snorkeling session
-1 dives for leisure dive and -1 dive for discovery scuba diving ( Diving package )
-GPA Coverage
River Cruise
-Personal travel insurance
-Driver /guide tips
-6% GST
-Things not mentioned in itinerary and tour include
-Outskirt Charges
-Extra clothes
-Sun-Block Lotion


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